Thursday, July 23, 2009

How-To - Stick Trick to Unhook Fish

 Stick Trick to Unhook Fish

Works good! Reel simple.

Caught good one,but he did a moby dick with the hook--way down there. No more hooks,and no pliers? Use a smooth straight piece of any stick,(about pencil size). Now put the stick down the fish's yap to about the hook,or where the stick can't go down any further. Now pinch the line to the stick with your thumb and fore finger. Hold the stick and line together,like they were a paint stirrer,(about 2 or three inches up from the fish's mouth). Without letting the line move from where you have it pinched, spin the stick,line and fish in a clockwise motion. (Think of the stick and line as the handle of a paint brush, and the fish as the bristles) The spin & weight of the fish will cause the line,(and then the hook) to wrap around the stick. After a few spins, the hook will come loose, and the fish drop off. If the fish is a keeper,spin it over the boat, or bucket.

If it's not a keeper,spin it over the water,and it will just drop back in. This works so good it's scary!

How-To - Stick Trick to Unhook Fish


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