Monday, May 25, 2009

Dutch Oven Cooking With SOME Cheating

Dutch oven cooking with just a little cheating. Yes I said cheating as you will see. We were having a hard time browning bacon fast enough. When your cooking for 16 people it's all about the speed. Hey Mr Joe whats for lunch, whats for supper and whats for snack tends to make a body rush at times. Especially when it's times 10 and your cooking in a dutch oven. All and all it was perfect and there were no leftovers so I guess it was great. Yum....Yum. It's a great art. I do mean art. It will take alot of practice but we have plenty of time and plenty of Guinea pigs to test on. Thanks Troop 51 hope your all full and you enjoyed the great food. In the pot is Mountain Man Breakfast which was....GONE in just 10 minutes. It was GREAT.



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